Spare parts

№ item Name Inwardness
1 Autobutterdish A2-30 -
2 Shock-absorber UPB1.02.00.004 -
3 Device CORD-1-I -
4 Device CORD-1-IU5 -
5 Light-signal аrmature AME-32522 U2;48V -
6 Bob C2.05.002-1 -
7 Drum 100S2M.03.003-2 -
8 Drum 10S2M.03.001 -
9 Drum 17S2M.03.005 -
10 Drum 30S2MA.03.011 -
11 Drum 55S2M.03.003-2 -
12 Drum B131.09.050 -
13 Drum BA100M-2-6-0-1 -
14 Drum NCR100MA-1-0720 -
15 Drum UPB1.03.050 -
16 Drum SHVA.00.001 -

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Drilling bits are designed for rock failure while drilling blast holes
with downhole pneumatic hammers.

The ball connection of the drilling bit with the pneumatic hammer, by increasing reliability and durability of the connection itself, ensures are reinforced with a hard alloy. The drilling bit has a practical body shape, slots for used air exhaust to the hole bottom, the crossed arrangement of rock-destroying blades.

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