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kmo_01.jpgJSC «Kyshtymsky machine-building association» - the largest manufacturer of the mountain-mine equipment and the chisel tool in Russia, included in the
group "CANEX". Based in 1757, the factory continues business of known Russian industrialist Nikita Demidov, carefully keeping traditional quality of production and leader positions in the market of the equipment for mountain works.

Enterprise history

Today JSC "KMBA" unique factory in Russia, making a full ruler of the specialised mountain equipment and the tools necessary domestic and foreign resource users.

JSC "KMBA" equipment is applied both at opened, and at underground mountain works for:

  • Extraction of ore and nonmetallic materials
  • Extraction of precious metals (gold, jewels)
  • Extraction of building materials (rubble, a stone, gravel)
  • Buildings of buildings (drilling and the base)
  • Buildings of tunnels

The saved up knowledge and experience of experts of JSC "KMBA" allow to develop constantly the new technical and engineering decisions conducting to increase of productivity and reduction of operational expenses of consumers, taking into account concrete service conditions and individual requirements to the tool and the equipment. 

In a planned production of factory more than 30 names of serially let out cars and about 2000 names of spare parts. The enterprise delivers the equipment to the major extracting, building and other industrial enterprises of Russia and the countries of near and far abroad, providing with the production more than 700 consumers. Scraper winches JSC "KMBA" manufactures work at the enterprises of Vietnam, Slovakia, Poland, India, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Chisel machine tools are applied in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Egypt and Algeria. The chisel tool is got by Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Open Society "КМО" electric locomotives delivers to Uzbekistan. 

The great demand on JSC "KMBA" production is caused by an optimum combination of quality, reliability and the reasonable price. Technical characteristics of let out production are continuously improved and answer modern Russian and to the world standards.

Industrial strategy of the enterprise - excellent operational characteristics, stable quality and reliability of production, application of progressive technologies and the most perfect designs.

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Competitive advantages of the enterprise: 

  • нighly profitable production 
  • steady system of power supply
  • reserve capacities and the areas
  • the developed infrastructure 
  • own engineering centre
  • own design office 
  • favourable geographical position 
  • own railway and access roads

Harmonious work of collective of the enterprise for all directions of activity provides Open Society "КМО" leader positions among suppliers mining and mountain-mining the equipment.


Machine tool SBU-100GА-50 It is intended for drilling of vertical and inclined chinks by with great dispatch-rotary method on open mountain works and building objects in breeds with factor of a fortress from 6 to 20 units on a scale of professor Protodjakonov. 

Machine tool with great dispatch-rotary action 2SBU-100-32M It is intended for works on remote plots, in difficult mountain-geological conditions and on the constrained working platforms, on open mountain works and building objects. Machine tool use allows to solve problems of restoration of buildings and structures and to support them in a condition, suitable for the further operation regarding the decision of the problems connected with questions of strengthening of the bases. Machine tool 2SBU-100-32M, different small dimensions, unpretentious in operation, it can be used in cellars of buildings.

The machine tool chisel SH-130 it is intended for rotary drilling by crowns in rocks with factor of a fortress from 2 to 6 on a scale of professor Protodjakonova on the open areas. Chink clearing is carried out shank in the method. The basic application of the machine tool — conducting civil work in inhabited files without application of the noisy compressor equipment. The machine tool widely used in Moscow at strengthening of the bases of residential buildings and structures.

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