Kushtym machine-building association

Address: Russia, 456870, Chelyabinsk region, Kyshtym, Cooperativnay St. 2
Phone/fax: +7 (35151) 9–00–01
Department of sales: +7 (35151) 9–00–04
Corporate e-mail: office@aokmo.ru
For demands and offers: sales@aokmo.ru
Department of foreign economic relations: oves@aokmo.ru
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- ITN 7413009745/ IEC 741301001
- PSRN 1027400827277
- RCEO code 02526048
- RCAD 75434000000
- RCTEA  29.52

Use the form of feedback for message sending to our experts

If you have any comments or remarks, and is possible also offers concerning works of a site of our enterprise - please fill the below-mentioned form. For us very important your opinion!!

Concerning cooperation you also can contact us to the given e-mail address: office@aokmo.ru

On questions of buying our production - sales@aokmo.ru
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