Produсts of KMBA will soon be on the way to Kazakhstan

24.03.2019 | News of the company
KMBA JSC won the tender of the largest precious metals producer in Kazakhstan.

In the end of January, Kazzinc LLP held a tender for the supply of mineral processing equipment.

According to its results, the supplier selected is Kyshtym Machine Building Association.

According to the agreement, in July this year KMBA will have to ship thirty contact vans (volume 55 m³; 12.5 m³) and twenty-three van bodies (volume 55 m³; 12.8 m³, 12.5 m³, 3.5 m³).

The equipment will be operated by Zhairemsky GOK at a new polymetallic enrichment plant, the construction of which began in 2017 as part of the Zhayrem Polymetal project. Productivity of the plant will be 5 million tons of ore per year.  
The launch of a full cycle of obtaining lead and zinc concentrates is scheduled for the end of 2019, the output at full capacity - in 2021.
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