Results of the contest «The Best Christmas Tree Toy»

27.12.2018 | Social life
The results of the contest for the best Christmas-tree decoration, where children and grandchildren of employees of KMBA JSC took part, were summed up.

On the eve of the New Year, the favourite holiday, a children's contest for the best Christmas-tree decoration was held at the factory. The themes for bringing the ideas to life were as follows: fairytale characters, folk motives, angels, the emblem of company, etc. In this creative contest 19 children took part.

According to the results of the contest four winners were selected. 
The first place were divided between Andrey Glazkov (father’s name is Yury, he is  the deputy chief technologist), the toy n° 15 - «Domovyonok»  and Ivan Maksimov (mother’s name is Oksana, she is the head of economic department), the toy n° 9 «New Year angel». The prize for the first place is 5000 rubles.


The second place was taken by the Islamovs’ family: Gleb, Yegor, Darya (father’s name Rinat, he is   the 5 category turner of mechanical assembly shop), the toy n° 8 - «Snowman». The prize is 3000 rubles.


The third place was taken by Yunona Tuykova (father’s name Yevgeny, he is the head of precision casting section),  the toy n° 19 - «Nyusha».  The prize is 2000 rubles.


Besides, all the participants got sweets as gifts.
Thanks to all for their activity and creativity!

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