Test stand of BM100

12.02.2018 | News of the company
Test stand of BM100
In December 2017, the working body of the BM-100 drilling rig was put into production. BM-100 is a drilling rig intended for drilling vertical and inclined blast holes with a diameter from 110 to 203. The product is developed by KANEX TECHNOLOGY.

The first stage is the production of a test stand of the working body of the drilling machine, where a number of parts of the product will be tested in the future. In the future, the drilling rig will be completely manufactured.

As chassis of the test stand, KAMAZ 43114 chassis, available at our company's disposal, will be used. In the future, it is assumed that OKB Mikron (part of the KANEX Group) will develop and test a number of knots of serially produced drilling rigs, which will be serially produced at the Kyshtym Machine-Building Association.

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