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The most on target
| Social life
In March 2019 a personal championship in darts, dedicated to the International Women's Day was held at the Kyshtym Machine Building Association.
The results of the individual championship in air rifle shooting
| Social life
In February 2019 a personal championship in air rifle shooting dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day, was held at the Kyshtym Machine Building Association. 47 people took part in the competition (33 men and 14 women). According to the results of the tournament, the winners and prize-winners of the competition were determined.
Results of the contest «The Best Christmas Tree Toy»
| Social life
The results of the contest for the best Christmas-tree decoration, where children and grandchildren of employees of KMBA JSC took part, were summed up.
Our athletes are on the podium
| Social life
In October, our factory workers took part in volleyball competitions to qualify for the Sports competitions among enterprises and organizations of the Kyshtym town district. The result is the third place.
Celebration of the Machine Builder Day
| Social life
28th September a celebration of the Machine Builder Day was held  in KMBA (the part of group of companies KANEX).
Most sporting are at KMBA!
| Social life
On August 9th, 2018  solemn events dedicated to the "Day of the athlete".

Established traditions for the Day of Knowledge
| Social life
On August 24th, KMBA solemnly congratulated the future first-formers - the children of the company's workers, who will enter a new life on September 1st. The event, which turned into a good tradition in eight years, was held at the plant.
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