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Completed projects

Drilling machine SBPU-200PR
Specialists of JSC "KMBA" (part of the group "KANEX") a drilling rig for underground mining works SBPU-200SPR is developed for exploitation at ore mining at the facilities of JSC "Apatite" "Rasvumchorsky Rudnik" in the Murmansk region.

The machine is designed for drilling deep blasting holes and auxiliary holes (compensatory, filling, venting and other) using a hammer. The presence of a pneumatic stroke ensures maneuverability and ease of installation at the drilling point. The mechanism of turning the drilling body allows you to quickly install the feeder at any angle (0-360 °) in the drilling plane. Four hydraulic struts securely fix the feeder in the underground mine.

Mechanisms of manipulation of the drilling body:

- two hydraulic cylinders for lifting the feeder from transport to working position;
- the mechanism for turning the feeder to change the drilling angle from 0 to 360 °;
- the hydraulic overload cylinder reduces the drill from the feeder frame.

Mobile drum unloader
Specialists of JSC "KMBA" (part of the group "KANEX") developed the mobile drum unloader B160125-220-II-159 on the order of EVRAZ CWSMP Company with 0.3 m/s speed of trolley movement and 4х7.5 kW capacity.

The unloader is used in various fields of industry, where there is the reloading of the material from the conveyor.

The technical solution of design team solved the problem, which often arises at the equipment operation by customers - when the trolley moves, taking into account a large mass of the equipment, the tilting occurs. In the designing process the even load distribution was applied by special arrangement for unloading hoses along the trolley axis that eliminates the tilting of the equipment.

At that such technical result is achieved as improving reliability of the unloading trolley and decreasing operating costs. Conducted researches and calculations showed the efficiency of this technical solution.

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Conveyor belt
Specialists of JSC "KMBA" (part of the group "KANEX") the belt conveyor B-800  L =49.54 m was developed  for the concentrating factory No. 12 of the Udachninsky mining concentrating enterprise.

This conveyor is fully automated, which allows filling four receiving hoppers without the help of the operator, while the automation system automatically tracks the full filling with inductive and laser sensors. All internal surfaces are lined with high molecular weight polyethylene.
The conveyor is equipped on the whole length with the pallet with a hydrospray system of spillage, the conveyor is integrated into the system of the upper level of the automated process control system.

In the implementation of this project, a joint development of a new type of drive with the German manufacturer SEW-EURODRIVE was conducted, which had no analogues in the Russian market.

Currently, two B-650 45m and B-650 70m conveyors are shipped for this customer

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Drilling rig SBPU-500
Specialists of JSC "KMBA" (part of the group "KANEX") commissioned by the company UMMC the SBPU-500 self-propelled drilling rig is developed for geological exploration drilling with a core tool with a detachable core receiver  of AQ, BQ and NQ diameters up to a depth of 1000 meters.

The self-propelled drill rig SBPU-500 for core drilling, powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 110 kW, makes it possible to drill geological exploration wells with a core tool with a removable core receiver of diameters BQ, NQ and HQ max. Depth of 500 meters in rocks with a strength of 6-20 units on the scale of Professor M.M. Protodyakonov.

The main field of application of the SBPU-500 is the core geological prospecting drilling in the conditions of land and underground mines. Ideal solution for working in limited spaces, as well as in complex mining and geological conditions with a mine size of 4x4 meters and less due to its compact dimensions and reliable construction. The SBPU-500 is a full functional analogue of the Diamec U6 (Atlas Copco).

The increased reliability of the machine is ensured by the use of a combination of a direct acting cylinder (without a chain), a synchronized operation of a rotary hydraulics cartridge and a rod holder, as well as a system of supporting and detaching outriggers. The SBPU-500 machine can have mine normal or mine explosion-proof execution.

Currently, the machine is operated in one of the underground mines of UMMC.

Flotation machine with fluidized bed FKM-7,4KM
Specialists of JSC "KMBA" (part of the group "KANEX") commissioned by the company "EUROCHEM - Usolsky potassium combine" a flotation machine FKM-7,4KM with fluidized bed is developed, which is unique in volume and design.

Among the innovative features - the working volume of the chamber is 7.4 m, which increases the productivity of the flotation machine. In the chambers, special grilles developed by the enterprise's designers are used, which make it possible to eliminate turbulence in the compensated layer and to ensure the mineralization of air bubbles in the fluidized bed and their emergence in the ascending laminar flows. All this increases the recovery of a useful product and reduces operating costs.

FKM-7,4KM can be manufactured with one-sided foam removing as a right-handed or left-handed version. The design of the new flotation machine includes various modules: the loading pocket, the two-chamber sections, the unloading pocket, the intermediate pocket, the single-pitched or double-pitched runners, the foam remover and the foam remover drive.

To protect the electric motor from salt deposits, gratings of special design are used, which is installed on the body of the section.

These features of the FKM 7.4 flotation machine allow to achieve the required technological parameters

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