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Now clients of JSC  Kyshtymsky machine-building association are more than 400 dynamically developed the mining companies of Russia, near and far abroad.

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GMK "Norilsk nickel"

GMK "Norilsk nickel" - the world's largest manufacturer of nickel and a palladium, one of the largest manufacturers of platinum and copper. Besides it, Norilsk nickel makes collateral metals – cobalt, chrome, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, and also selenium, tellurium and sulfur.

Principal views of activity of the enterprises of Group are search, investigation, extraction, enrichment and processing of minerals, manufacture, marketing and realization of color and precious metals.

Industrial divisions of Group are on four continents in six countries of the world – Russia, Australia, Botswana, Finland, the USA and the republic of South Africa.

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«Krivorozhsky ironmine industrial complex»

Company «Krivorozhsky ironmine industrial complex» — the assignee of production association "Krivbasruda" — is the largest enterprise of Ukraine for extraction of ores by the underground way providing annual manufacture of commodity iron ore in volume more of 7 million of tons.

JSC «KIIC» — he reliable partner in deliveries of commodity ore to the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine and abroad. Extraction of rich iron ores in mountain taps of the mines which are a part of industrial complex, is carried out more than 100 years.

The industrial complex structure includes four mines: "Rodina", "October", "Gvardeyskay" and "name of Lenin" which carry out extraction of iron ore from the underground horizons located on depths of 1190-1315 m, and its further processing on drobilno-classifying sections factories. Industrial complex mines have huge prospects on escalating of volumes of extraction iron-ore raw materials and to improvement of quality of commodity ore made from it.

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«Evrazruda» is oremine division of "Evarz". The company includes some the mining and mountain-concentrating enterprises in territory of the Kemerovo region (Tashtagolsky, Kazsky, Sheregeshsky and Guryev mines, Abagursky obogatitelno-aglomeratsionnaja factory and Mundybashsky concentrating factory), Republics of Khakassia (Abakan and Tejsky mines) and the south of Krasnoyarsk region (Irbinsky mine).

«Evrazruda» coordinates budgets and programs of industrially-economic development of these enterprises. The centralized management allows to carry out uniform technical and economic to the policy and optimum to distribute resources between metal works of "Evraz". In 2007 of "Evrazruda" has made 3,5 million tons of a concentrate and 2 million tons of agglomerate.

The basic consumers of production "Evrazrudy" are Zapsib and НКМК.

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"Suha Balka"

Company "Suha Balka" is one of leading enterprises on extraction of iron ore by underground way in territory of Ukraine.

Raw-material base of JSC "Suha Balka" is presented by deposits nature rich iron ores basically martivs, is more rare - gemartivs than the structure which stocks are reconnoitered to depth of 2060 m in the field of mine" Anniversary "and to depth of 1500 m in the field of mine of Frunze. The iron maintenance in commodity ore varies within 56 - 59 %. Except rich iron ores in fields of mines there are considerable stocks magnezits quartzites, security with which reaches several honeycombs of years.

Today in Open Society structure of the "Suha Balka" enter extraction mines "Ubileynay" (capacity — 2250 thousand tons agloore in a year) and name of Frunze (1050 thousand tons agloore in a year) with crushing complexes and sortirovochno-concentrating factories.

«North Ural boxit mine»
Company «North Ural boxit mine» (Open Society "SUBR") is the key extracting enterprise not only associations of the aluminum enterprises operated Open Society "SUAL-HOLDING", but also all aluminum complex of Russia, extracting more than 70 percent of the Russian bauxites. Thus JSC "SUBR" — one of founders and the key enterprises of Open Society "SUAL-HOLDING".

JSC "SUBR" has licenses for working out of several boxits the deposits which development is conducted mine and opened in the ways on Cheremuhovsky, Kalinsky, New Kalinsky deposits, mine "Little Red Riding Hood". The extraction volume has made in 2000 more than 3,8 million tons of bauxites which were delivered on Theological (BAZ) and Ural (UAZ) aluminum factories

Within the limits of association of the aluminum enterprises operated Open Society "SUAL-HOLDING", SUBR remains the largest supplier of bauxites, and extraction volumes are supposed to be finished to 4 million tons within the next several years. Thus within the limits of the uniform industrial and investment policy which is carried out by a management company, shareholders and partners of the enterprise not only will provide stable sale of raw materials and its timely payment, but also will involve the investments necessary for commissioning of mine "New Kalinsky".

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